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Product Development Winners

The development of novel food products requires the application of basic food chemistry, engineering, microbiology, and marketing principles. The team is generally composed of undergraduate and graduate students (all are welcome to join) who over a ~10 month time span, progress through the various stages of product development, which can include: idea generation (concept development and evaluation), prototype development (encompassing: ingredient functionality, profitability analysis, process development, HACCP, sensory evaluation, etc.), and final product optimization. The team submits the final product concept in the form of a report with or without the finished product to one or more competitions throughout the year.

Depending upon the competition, a poster and/or an oral presentation may also be required. Participating on the team allows for students to gain a better understanding about what is required to develop a food product and to foster lasting relationships with peers, as well as in the food industry.



Dairy Research Institute New Product

First Place

Team Members: 
Andy Lee, Emily Stout, and Jeff Hymes

Dairy Research Institute New Product Second Place


Team Members:
Meghan Keck, Kartheek Anekella

Not pictured: Matt Jervis

National IFT Finalist
Third Place


Team Members:
Emily Wolter, Elizabeth Hecht, Benjamin Raymond

National IFT Champions


Team Members:
Edith Da Conceicao Neta, Mallory Kelly, Amanda Stephens, Erica Story, Iryna Sybirtseva, Eric Hinson

Not Pictured: Gloria Botwe, Mallorye Lovett, Maria Listiyani, Krystal Matthews, Katie Fox, Tyre Lanier, Brian Farkas

National IFT Finalist - Second Place


Team Members:
Megan Whitson, Joy Simpson, John Lillard, Tristan Berry, Stelios Viazis, Andrea Krause, Adam Croissant, Paula Schneider, Tyre Lanier, Yifat Yaniv

Not pictured: Grace Cramp, Mallorye Lovett

Mac-n-Cheese Grabbers


Team Members:
Jamie Isonhood, Jeffrey Greene, Christina Stam, Paula Frank, Montreka Dansby, Edith Ramos, Rashmi Maruvada, Reha Azizoglu, Maria Ruilova, Tyre Lanier

Not pictured: Rodney Green & Julie Grabowski

Griller Spuds


Team Members:
Front: Julie Eloda, Katie Cleary, Vera Price, Jessica Powell
Back: Rodney Green, Greg Gharst, Brad Wright

Not Pictured: Brittany Thomas, Maria Ruilova, Tyre Lanier

Mocha Royal
National IFT Champions
First Place Product Marketability - DMI Contest

Team Members:
Pablo Coronel, Lacey McKlem, Todd Katz, Jon Firebaugh, Tyre Lanier, Brian Lloyd, Mary Whetstein, Mandy Flint, Nikki Young
Not pictured: Melody Milroy, Jacob Thompson, Tara Kurtz

National IFT Finalist - Third Place


Team Members:
Kara Lochman, Lacey McKlem, Dany Doucet, Amy Steiner, Matt McGuffey, Jack Davis, Todd Katz, Mary Carunchia, Wendy Campbell, and Michelle Leach

Cafe Complete


Team Members:
Matt McGuffey, Amy Steiner, Wendy Campbell, Lisa Papageorge, Tracy Tuler, Rodolphe Barrangou, Caitlin Boon, Michelle Leach, Christina Moore, Qixin Zhong

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